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Thank you for your early registration!


Please note:

Camping and hotel reservations must be made separately from the event

with the lodging of your choice.

Washington Island Chamber of Commerce:



Washington Island Ferry Line Schedule (note Friday Night trips) and Information:


Ferry tickets to Washington Island purchased at Northport Pier (mainland dock).


Kayak and Equipment Rentals:
$50 one day / $70 two days Bread & Water, LLC 920-847-2400 or 920-535-0077


Death's Door Downwind Race registration includes:

   - Race Day Breakfast

   - Death's Door Downwind Race participation

   - Friday Pasta Dinner

   - Shuttle from Finish

   - Keynote Presentation

   - Insurance


Triathlon Race registration includes:

  - Race Day Breakfast

  - Triathlon Race participation

  - Friday Pasta Dinner

  - Keynote Presentation

  - Insurance


Expedition: Crossing Death's Door registration includes:

   - Expedition participation - 3 hours

   - Insurance




Death's Door Downwind and Triathlon Racers may change boat classification on race day if they report the boat change to the race director by 7:00 a.m. This option will support racers who bring more than one boat to the event and want to choose a boat classification on race day dependent on weather/water conditions. Keep in mind that the weather/water conditions that are visible from the race start location may change over the time and distance of the race. Weather/wave conditions on the south side of the Island can be different from the north side of the Island on any given day. Updated weather/wave reports and briefings will be available throughout the event.



Classification Notes:
Solo marathon racers must be 16 years of age or older. Double marathon racers must be 16 years of age or older accompanied by an adult in the boat.
Adaptive classification is offered for paddlers with special needs which may include physical challenges. There is no intention by the event organizers or race director to segregate any paddler by condition. The adaptive class is an invitation and welcome to an inclusive event. Participants in the Adaptive Class may request and provide escort with race director approval prior to race day.
Race classes must include a minimum of three boats to run the class on race day. Participants may paddle in the race without a full class on race day but prizes will not be awarded to racers in a cancelled class. All racers will receive record of their race time in whatever classification they are paddling in, even in the class they requested has not met minimum registration numbers.
Race organizer reserves the right to reclassify or reject any registration, including those meeting vetting guidelines.
The race committee will open a class for any human-powered watercraft with a minimum of three entrants.



On-Line Registration

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Mail-In Registration



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