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Washington Island Chamber of Commerce
phone: 920-847-2179

Door County Visitor Bureau
phone: 1-800-52-RELAX

Washington Island Ferry Line Inc.
phone: 920-847-2546   •  1-800-223-2094

Wisconsin Restaurant Association Dining Guide
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Wisconsin Inkeepers Association


Welcome All Paddlers!


Washington Island Ferry Line welcomes you to the waters surrounding these islands of the Door, and to the Washington Island Community.

Paddler Options

Our ferries make daily trips, year around, from Northport Pier at the end of Highway 42 to Detroit Harbor on Washington Island. Our mainland pier is utilized by ferries that frequently come and go, and by the vehicle and passenger traffic that boards or exits each ferry.

A good number of visitors car-top their kayaks and canoes to Washington Island by ferry, launching them later from one of many Island parks or beaches. (We charge for kayaks only when they are placed directly on the ferry deck.) Having your wheels with you gives an advantage of being able to visit Island businesses and enjoy Washington Island inland points of interest.

Paddle Deaths Door

Occasionally paddlers who seek more of a challenge will park their vehicle in our overnight lot (Lot B to the west of Highway 42) after unloading their kayaks and gear near the sand beach to the south of the ferry pier. If you choose this option, please time your unloading for least interference with the normal ferry traffic.

We do not recommend paddling across Deaths Door unless you are a prepared, experienced paddler. Water conditions may vary hourly, and the paddling is primarily off-shore. Our ferry routes may be near by, but from personal experience I can say that kayaks are very difficult to spot, even from a pilot house height well above the water. Large vessels and trolling fishing craft may also share these waters, and deserve a wide berth.

Our Ferry Schedule

Our ferry captains adhere closely to our published ferry schedule. Please try to be in line fifteen minutes ahead of scheduled ferry departure times. If there is a lineup of vehicle traffic, please get in line, purchase your tickets, and obtain any pertinent information from our ticket seller. We generally anticipate additional traffic by inserting extra ferries at peak travel times. Fridays we schedule additional evening ferries, and you may find those later times helpful if you are driving a long distance. We generally figure a two-hour drive from Green Bay to Northport Pier as a reasonable driving time. Our ferry crossing takes just under 30 minutes from Door Peninsula to Washington Island.

If you have questions, please dont hesitate to call our Ferry Office (920-847-2546) email us at or ask our Ticket Seller or Ferry Captain for advice.

Above all, have a safe paddling experience!


Dick Purinton











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