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Follow the Racers!

Get a great view of the racecourse and racers from the following locations:

 1 Sand Dunes Beach

Walking a short distance on a dune trail, youll find a sandy beach located on the south side of the Island. Amenities: public toilets, picnic table, parking.


 2  Percy Johnson Park

While watching the racers go by, note that this park area has a view of Hog Island Wildlife Refuge. Large colonies of gulls, cormorants, waterfowl, and several blue herons nest on Hog Island and can be seen with a telescope. Also, observe the 400 million-year-old Paleozoic era fossils in the limestone rocks on this shore. During the fall and spring migrations, shore birds and ducks rest on the shore. Amenities: public toilets, hand water pump, picnic tables, grills.


 3 Carlins Point at Jackson Harbor

Carlins Point Trail off Old Camp Road leads to the southern section of the Ridges Sanctuary which is a habitat for rare boreal forest plants. Please walk only on the trails.

 4  Schoolhouse Beach

This beach offers excellent swimming for everyone. For advanced swimmers, a marked area is available with a diving raft. A favorite place for picnics. Amenities: public toilets, hand water pump, picnic tables, grills.


 5  Peoples Park

Peoples Park commands a view from a high bluff vantage point. Take a few minutes to visit nearby Jacobsens Little Lake Museum with an outstanding collection of natural and historical artifacts of the region.


 6  Ferry Dock

Racers will pass between Washington and Detroit Islands, a quarter mile wide channel giving you an up-close view of the paddlers. Food and shopping in the area.


Please respect the rights of shoreline property owners.














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